You then end up going through your photo library on a sort of frantic deletion massacre, only to end up missing the moment you wanted to capture. It’s a problem we all encounter with Apple. They are stingy with the stock memory in their devices. They have us in the palm of their hands, if you want to get more memory, you have to pay for the bigger version of the phone, they sometimes even release a bigger version a couple of months after the initial release. Not helpful at all.

I saw a possible light on the horizon in regards to sufficient storage on an Apple product. 128GB is a lot right? Well I thought that until I read about the 512GB SD card. See that’s 4 times the memory of the iPhone 6 with 128GB. With one of those in my SD card keyring, I will literally have four times the space of the iPhone 6, in the palm of my hand. The beauty of SD cards is that they are removable and interchangeable, so you can carry multiple ones on a keyring, one for your music, one for your photos and one for your movies.



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